Fashion Design Models


We believe nothing expresses you more than your style - which is why we use fashion design to legitimise brands amongst their desired target audience. We create bespoke styles and apparel for brand ambassadors and followers. Our clients are fashion and lifestyle brands that appeal to an upscale, cosmopolitan lifestyle.


Our design studio is lead by Nicola. Here she creates everything from looks and styles to entire collections. Nicola supports our clients with inspirational style boards, fashion design services and also develops apparel and accessories in terms of fittings. She is a great consultant and hands on expert on all details of fashion design including labelling, packaging and metal accessories.


Prime care-giver at our brand nursery is Nicole. She evaluates the potential of your brand, helps position it and makes it desirable for our clients' target groups. Next to managing growth and sales strategies she enjoys generating creative content and copywriting. Nicole loves brands and treats them with lots of attention and reports to clients as a project manager.


Our manufactory is an assemble of partners based in Turkey and Portugal. We produce own brand and private label leather goods as well as women's business and red carpet attire. Our partners' expertise ranges from denim and leather to functional apparel. Next to quality control during production we also support our clients as an agency for sampling and production.

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